TRANS CARGO collaborates with all Greek shipping companies and thus it can cover any of your needs for your travels to and from the Greek islands (as Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos etc).

Our experienced personnel is in position to inform you for the routes, the prices as well as to you it proposes the more economic solution for your destination
You can also communicate with us by phone so that we’ll give you any piece of information you want, as well as make reservation. The only necessary thing is to note down the reservation code and the expiring date of the reservation given to you by our department. Provided that you do not exceed the time margin your ticket is guaranteed and you can proceed to issue your ticket easily by referring your reservation code.

After the expiring date your reservation will be automatically cancelled.
In case you want to cancel your already issued ticket you have to be aware that every shipping line has its own cancellation policy depending on the season and the time remaining to the departure. Most of the shipping lines have the option of diverting the ticket into an open one. For all the above you will be informed by our personnel.

The issuing and the payment (cash or via credit card) of the tickets take place only in our offices.