The booking procedure is very simple thanks to the full computerization and the excellent organization of our office so that you can be provided with details regarding the booking of your preference very quickly.

Please note that, our personnel has to be informed at least 2 days before your departure, either over the phone or by Fax, or through an e-mail, so that there will be enough time available to schedule your booking.
From the moment that you receive a written confirmation from the booking department, you are assured that the reservation and the delivery of the ticket to the driver’s hands are definite.

In the event of a cancellation that may occur for any reason whatsoever, you are required to provide a timely notification at least 6 hours before departure in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
Embarkation takes place at least 3 hours before departure, and the driver is obliged to be in front of the vessel from the moment that he is handed the ticket from our shipping office in Patras or from the corresponding offices of the shipping companies in Italy’s ports.

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